June 30, 2014

"I must learn more about these people-try to understand them, put myself in their place. No, instead I am so busy keeping my head above water that I scarcely know who I am, much less who anyone else is."

— Sylvia Plath (via wutjugend)

June 30, 2014



Shakespeare was right, the world is a stage. And this is my best performance yet.

Because I can be anything you want. I can be the girl with the dark lipstick and short skirt, hanging on your arm, with grey goose in my glass. The girl with a joint hanging out of my mouth, and she’ll remove it…

June 30, 2014


I’m I really so jaded and needy that I’m constantly worrying about if someone’s playing with my emotions all the time now? When did I get this way. It’s not okay. I’m only going to end up hurt by letting this skepticism consume me. God I’m so pissed off at myself and afraid of everything.

April 5, 2014

Barbara Palvin in 2014 Rosa Clara Bridal New Collection 

March 24, 2014

I’m sorry but I’m officially against Romery, Roman and maybe Emery but I’ll give her a couple more episodes. I know It’s a very unpopular opinion but I don’t care, I am pro-grayson and I’ll always but I used to like Roman a lot. Probably just as much as Grayson actually. I never bought Romery because it’s forced as fuck and they never built any relationship at all, but I did like Roman. They killed any good feelings for Roman in 39-40 min.

Let me be clear, Traggs aren’t better than Red Hawks so why Emery should stay away from Grayson because his parents are the leaders of RH when Roman’s best friend his HIMSELF a Tragg. Pls Roman. I know the point is that his parents are bad and I totally agree but Tragg aren’t better so do something about Drake (not only stopping him, just erase him from your life like you would want Emery to do) or stay quiet. If not doing anything about Drake wasn’t enough, you hate on Grayson but he hasn’t done a thing against atrian by his own hand, or at least we didn’t see it yet, but Drake did. He kidnapped a random dude and give him to Traggs if you hadn’t showed up and when you did he thought about killing the girl. Two bad things but I would feel better if he had killed a girl planning to kill all humans than delivering someone innocent because his parents are bad. So that’s the main thing that pissed me off solely on Roman part.

Then there is Romery.

Romery ep one : They had a flashback scene. When they were kids, Emery saved his life by hiding him for one night and one morning. They pretty much instantly knew who the other was and almost kissed because you know she saved her life as a kid so they’ve to instantly love each other years later for no apparent reasons.

Romery episode 2,3, 4 and 5 : More Romery scenes but still no development in their relationship. They have visible feelings but no reasons behind those.

Romery episode 6 : Emery plans to dumb the guy she was dating for a promise of a “possible” futur between her and Roman. She change all her feelings for Grayson in a blink because Roman says she shouldn’t hang out with grayson. You know his parents are bad so he’s bad. It ends up that she will, more or less directly, cause the fall of Grayson’s mother. Grayson don’t know, he came to her after she said to Julia that she would choose Roman over him. Grayson opens up to her, told her his feelings about his parents actions and plans he just discovered, how he was kinda ashamed for not standing up to em and see their true face when it was time. She listenned like it was ok to just wait up for him to say how he feels and then break his heart because he clearly loves her. Roman come to her house too but see by the window how close she’s to Grayson. He’s disappointed and righfully so because she kinda hinted that she was going to give up Grayson for him but it didn’t look like it when he came by. There is no ending to Graymery discussion or scene, the ep just ended.

Just think about it for a couple minutes, forget than you are totally sold on Romery and tell me why Romery feelings are what they are from the very beginning of ep 1. Please don’t say a word about the flashback or her saving him, they were kids and you don’t love anyone just because they saved you. I would’ve have myself fall in love for 2 or 3 EMT that actually saved my life and even “kissed” me to do so. But nope, my feelings aren’t that easy to get. I would like Romery just as much as I like Graymery the day they will just admit it’s bs so far and actually build something between those 2. For now I will just be on Graymery, Drake/Taylor and Lukas/Sophia bandwagon. They’re cute and I see some development, not much but it’s arleady 10 times what i’ve seen from Romery.

March 19, 2014

I need to talk about Hayley Marshall more


I feel like saying something about Hayley in light of last night’s episode (1x17). I don’t talk about Hayley enough, and I think she gets pushed to the side and under the rug sometimes in light of Klaus and Elijah, and even Rebekah.

I actually really like Hayley. I know the character has come under a ton of flack because the fandom didn’t like the pregnancy storyline, and certain fandoms in particular didn’t like how she was - for a moment… on a drunken night… under a moonlit sky… after talking about art… - a fleeting love interest for Klaus. Let’s be honest, if she’d never been with Klaus, there would probably be a much larger section of certain fandoms that would give her a chance. 

That being said, I don’t think Hayley gets enough credit on her own. She’s always spoken about as an auxiliary to either Klaus or Elijah, and I dislike that. If you look at her strictly by herself, even imagine she was pregnant through some other means and don’t think about Klaus or Elijah or anyone else in regards to her, then Hayley is an interesting character all on her own.

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I like Hayley a bit less with every points you’ve tried to made.

 1.The first time she saw Klaus, long before she was ever a fling for him, she stood up to him and basically told him to kiss her ass. All she was was a teenage werewolf. She wasn’t anything special or super strong, especially not in comparison to an Original.

Do you know the very definition of badass? It has nothing do with being stupid and reckless. A badass knows his limits, he’s not stupid or trying to be superman. So I’m sorry but neither Hayley or Cami are badasses or at least not for something like provoking Klaus which is only stupid.

2. He has no right to dictate who she has feelings for. That child is hers, and Klaus can sit down and obey her wishes for the baby as far as I’m concerned.

That’s your opinion. So basically what you’re saying is if I’ve a one night stand I shouldn’t have rights on the child because I’ve a penis and the girl I slept with has a vagina? She wanted to kill the baby, so did Klaus. As far as I’m concern, following your logic neither of them should have any rights on the children. It’s not a thing she owns. For the whole Haylijah thing, I’m sorry but I never bought it and I never will. I will not lie I thinks it’s gross if she ends up fucking with the uncle of her child but this is not the main reason. As far as logic is concern, Elijah loved Katherine when he left Mystic Falls right, then what? They had one talk, he got stabbed and the romance began but they never built a relationship. A relationship actually have to grow from nothing, to something, to love.

3. She’s the one that feeds herself to keep that baby strong and healthy. She’s the one that has to sleep propped up on seven pillows at night to be comfortable with twenty extra pounds of weight sleeping on her ribcage. She’s the one who has to pee every ten minutes. She’s the one with swollen ankles and lower back pain. Not Klaus. Not Elijah. Not anyone. Hayley.

Again your feminist self seems to think you only need a vagina to get pregnant. No I’m sorry you wouldn’t be able to have a children alone or with another women. You need some male semence to get pregnant. Some guy will just not stay around and care at all but Klaus is around. You suggest he’s not a good father and don’t care but is it really a normal situation? Please get pregnant around vampires, werewolves, witches and then tell me the father don’t care because he’s busy dealing with those folks. You just treat this situation like they’re in our world and safe.

Anyway I will just stop right here and forget I ever read your post. You don’t really have any points besides that Hayley has a vagina and men has no rights on their children which is dumb and so not true.